Motorcycle Camping in Los Padres National Forest (Reyes Peak Campground), Near Ojai, California


Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Basic Motorcycle Camping List

It's amazing how far you can go and what you can do with just those items listed above (and some riders would forego the food and only grab some eats on the run). However, most camping motorcycle riders may not be inclined to travel that lightly. So...what follows is an expanded list for the rest of us. And it probably can't be emphasized too much that all items should be as small as possible. And whatever you bring needs to be compactible and/or sturdy enough to survive the adventures of motorcycle travel. Many of these items can be stored in Ziploc bags which will protect them from the elements and keep them readily identifiable which makes them easy to grab.



The quantity of a camping rider's stored clothing is highly personalized. Depending upon the extend of the trip, and the season, some motorcycle riders may bring very, very little in the way of extra clothes. Other's may bring more than what might seem necessary. Such choices are simply weighed against your storage capacity, and relative to the other camping items you will be carrying. Of course, if you are riding, camping and carrying gear for two persons on your bike, then you would likely be even more selective about what you will fit into your available storage space.


Some bikers love to cook and bring along mini-kitchens. Some riders don't cook at all, and do not bring any cooking gear, choosing instead to eat on the road, eat prepared foods, or non-perishables, and/or eat groceries that do not require fire, pots and pans. What's your style?

Basic Eating

This much abbreviated "Basic Eating" list only focuses on a small portion of the practical, non-perishable food items that are useful for a motorcycle camping rider. These noted items do not need to be cooked! Of course any perishable food items that you prefer are limited only by your cooling and cooking capacity. Heck, we went motorcycle camping one year in Southern California with an entire Thanksgiving meal, including all the trimmings! (Everything was pre-cooked at home and we only brought along enough turkey for the weekend). Even a small cooler can considerably expand your dining choices while picking up ice and groceries on the road.

Motorcycle Gear


Motorcycle Safety

And of course, no matter whether you are motorcycle camping across town, the state, the country, or the world, more riding enjoyment is a result of more rider safety awareness. If you haven't already taken advantage of your "Motorcycles Only" reference card of "Motorcycle Safety Tips", order it now and it will be mailed to you within 1 business day.

Keep the card with you on your motorcycle camping adventures so that you can read it and use it!

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